Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trimester Exam Study Plan

The Trimester exam is upon us. It will take place on Monday, November 24, 2009. This is a great opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learned about American Government so far this year. We are all excited!

Some pointers on preparing for the exam. I have shared answered copies of both previous tests in your Wakefield email. Study them! 50% of the trimester exam will be from the material covered on those exams. I would review the Chapter summaries in Cummings for Chapters 1-3. I would also go over the exams very carefully and make sure your understand those ideas. Some questions may appear verbatim on the Trimester exam. Make sure you have a command of the compromises of the Constitional Convention. Be familiar with the different types of power that a government exercises-inherent,exclusive,concurrent,implied and reserved powers for the free responses.

I would make sure that I had read Chapter 4 in Cummings, Civil Liberties and Citizenship, pp 91-125. I might read this twice over the weekend. 50 % of the Trimester exam will come from this reading. Know the Bill of Rights because you are a citizen and it sure will help you score well on this exam!!

The exam is 60 mulitiple choice questions which you will have 75 minutes for, and two free response questions which you will have 45 minutes for. You score will make up 25 % of the trimester grade. It is just like an AP Exam but on a smaller subset of ideas. Enjoy it

Please do not forget that your "What it means to be an American" essay is due on Tuesday night at midnight. It is worth a hundred points so it will have a significant effect on your trimester grade also. I will evaluate them and get them back to you for revision if you are interested in entering the Bill of Rights Institute contest which I hope all of you are. The contest deadline is December 1st, 2009 so our timeframe is tight. Remember, first prize is $5000 cash

Everyone in the AP class is doing well at this point. All grades are 8.0 or above going into the exam. Study this weekend and learn more about the government. Everyone shoot for a 9.0 on this exam!

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