Sunday, February 28, 2010

Game Change Essay Question

Please choose from group A, B, or C below and write a well crafted essay of not less than 500 words but not more than 750 words answering questions ( you decide which ones ) from the group. I expect to see evidence that you have read Game Change in your essay. This essay must be emailed to me by Wednesday, March 10 2010 at 5 PM. The essay is worth 50 points on the trimester exam. There is a five point bonus for posting your essay on your blog as well!!

Group A

What are political parties and what is their function in American presidential politics? Have the parties been eclisped by powerful interest groups in choosing candidates and shaping party platforms? Has raising money and the cost of media become more important than party loyality? Does the two party system allow for enough divergent viewpoints to emerge? Are political conventions necessary or needed?

Group B
In this era of electronic mass media, television commercials, image makers and spin control do voters get a true picture of the candidates and what they stand for? Is image more important than substance? How are political campaigns organized? Has the internet changed the nature of American elections? How do campaigns calculate the preferences of voters? What role do the issues play in a campaign? What is the role of negative campaigning in election campaigns? What role do the debates play in American primary and presidential elections? How do professional campaign staffs affect American elections? Where does the money come from?

Group C
What are the consequences of voting and elections in American society? How do voting numbers affect candidates? What are the differences between democratic primary elections and republican primary elections? Do candidates shape their message to the changing feelings of the voters? What kind of Americans vote and in what numbers? Does social class, income, location and education affect voting patters? How does having 50 elections (one in every state) for president affect the process? Is there a need for direct election of the President?

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