Saturday, February 13, 2010

Game Change

I hope that you are all reading Game Change. It is a great book that shines a light on Presidential politics in particular and all politics in general. The one idea that jumps out of the book to me is the massive egos that the human beings who want to President all seem to have. It was startling to me.

I sent you all an email with the link to a great radio show podcast where Joe Scarborough interviews the authors of the book. I strongly advise you to listen to the interview. It runs for just over an hour.

Interview of Halperin and Heilemann by Joe Scarborough

Here is a Chris Matthews interview of the authors from You Tube

Here is the 60 Minutes segment with Heilemann and Halperin

To make sure we both sides of the aisle here is Sean Hannity

Though these interviews are very informative, they only shine a light on the book. Use them as a basis to form your own viewpoints.

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